Sewing Machine, power cord, foot pedal, extra needles for your machine
Rotary Cutter, scissors for paper and fabric

Portable cutting mat, small iron- we will have ironing and cutting stations also

Assorted rulers and templates - more info to come on this!

Neutral thread (plus colors needed for your own specific projects)

Prewound bobbins, pins, seam ripper, zipper foot

Placemat for sewing machine, power strip, Ott or similar table light for night sewing

Wide rubber bands to hold foot control in place

Water cup with lid, special chair or pillow

Handstitchng for porch time

Bring swimsuit, beach towel, yoga mat, comfy walking shoes, flashlight for paths at night.

 As a courtesy to other attendees, ask before you post any photos to social media. 

Our hashtag for retreat will be #quiltersrevival on IG

and your happy self ready for fun!